Re-Made From zEro Game

I have a story called NecroGod written by me!
I have taken different stories scenarios from japanese and chinese novels , a bunch of animes.
Combine them, tried to create a unique story which flow and add OPness to the story!
Lots of ero ero, and nice battles!

In the end , the story , i wrote 3 chapters and stopped, why :
The big question = How to write all these battle stuff, emotion scenes and talking.

NecroGod Story first chapter :

So since i got my RPG Maker MV, i create the game “Re-Made From zEro”.
Its much more easy to create than writing!

I broke the story into parts like :
1st story = MC first life with maid and death.
2nd story = Re-incarnation, path to become immortal!
3rd story , then it goes on!

I have finish the 1st story, it has no battle , just the story layout!
Its great story, tell me about the flaws, and i will fixed them!

Its a windows game!
Size is 181MB!
Its been virus scan with Avast Antivirus 2016.

Download Link :

Versions log :
V0.3 – fixed the girl nsfw sprite event.
v0.2 – fixed the position in start and fixed the download link to folder instead of file.
v0.1 – first beta release!
Boxed means its been encrytped by Enigma Virtual Box!

Thanks! Seeya!

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