New Update Part0-5

Hi readers!
Thanks to the Patreon’s  for helping me!
I did an updates of the wuxia epubs!

I did half of the novels! Another half coming up tomorrow!

Look for this folder “00 WuxiaEpubs 28Jun2016 P0-5” in the wuxia folder.

Wuxia Epubs :

Thanks . seeya!

News about Feinzell

Hi readers!
I message Feinzell , a few days ago!

If anyone got message for feinzell, comment them below, i will send it to him!

His message :

Hi neji.

Sorry for disappeared for a looong time.

RL just catch up with me. When i first make epub, im still new to works, had a lot of free time and now i barely had any spare time to my personal time much less to make epub and coupled with my mac error, its been hard for me to make epub anymore.

Im really sorry for not getting back to you neji and for the community.

You can have all my epub at your disposal.

I maybe or not make epub again yet in the future when i have maybe a new laptop and a load of free time.

Thank you for reaching me neji. Its mean a lot for me.

I hope i get to work with you again in the future.

God bless you neji 🙂
See ya.


Thanks, seeya!

updated google drive links

Hi readers!

I have updated the google drive links in page “Download Links”.
These are linkbucks with safe Tag, so use them to access.

Old google links, are not working anymore, i change all the folders tree.
I am doing some changes in these folders, so refresh if the folder is stuck!

the userclouds links are all working.

Thanks, seeya!

I added Complete Stellar Transformation in the Google Drive link for Wuxia!
I added some images of the characters, derive from the game.

This was not added to the Userscloud folder.
Here the link :


sorry for some disturbance in download links!

Hi readers!
I am doing some re-structuring with google drive links!

I am combining all folders in one folder with new links!

it will be updated later in about 30 minutes!


usercloud links for 31 may 2016 update

Greetings readers!
Here your userclouds links!

I added the Descent of the phoenix. [I forgot to add this last time, it was big]
I forgot to update virtual thief2, sorry!

Next update, in two days! Cross fingers!

For my sponsors, you get the direct google drive link! Thanks to all sponsors and Patreons!
if you patreon me, even for $1, you get google drive links!

UsersClouds link :

The linkbucks link, to google drive :

Thanks , seeya!