Happy 4th july!

Happy independence day, to you all!

God bless you all readers! Enjoy!


Games link for free users

Hi Readers!
I uploaded the files on a different filehost, except artificial girl 3, later i will upload that! it take 5 hours to upload AG3!

You can create a mega account and copy the files to your account! all for free!

The links are in the “Download Links” page!

The difference between Patreon and Free are :
on Patreon , all google drive links!
On Free , all mega links!

Thanks, bye!

sorry no update!

Hi readers!

Sorry, no update today!

I uploaded all the games , but 3d sexvilla game got corrupted, i don’t know how!
When i tried to open the .bin extension of the game, it couldn’t open it!
I will try to get a good copy, if possible!

I have added the links to Patreon!
Pledge $2 or more , you can get the games! They are all English, full version and packed!
Tested on my Windows 8 SL except the 3d sexvilla which i never played since i downloaded it!

Here the page link :

Thanks! Cheers!

Do you like games

Hi Readers!

I got some games for character designer!
I downloaded these a few years back!

Tell me your choice! I will add them as reward for Patreon!
I got my book collection to upload! Later will be added to reward!

Even $1 , helps for rewards!

Note that these games except Girlvania are all above 2GB!

Thanks, seeya!

New update Part6-8

Hi readers!
Thanks to the Patreon’s  for helping me!
I did an updates of the wuxia epubs!

I did half of the novels! Another half coming up tomorrow!

Look for this folder “00 WuxiaEpubs 28Jun2016 P6-8” in the wuxia folder.

Wuxia Epubs :


Thanks . seeya!