Learn Chinese

Hi Readers!

the 001 is interactive  pronouciation, and work on windows only. [female voice]
the 002 contain textbook for learning [no audio]
the 003 – 005 + 007 is a complete course. [with audio]
the 004 is a complete course with level 1&2. [with audio ]
the 006 contain a dictionary about 900 chinese words . [with audio]

Files content:
1. 001 Chinese Pronunciation Software.7z = 505.9mb
2. 002 Beginner TextBooks.7z = 170.9mb
3. 003 Learn Yourself.7z = 170.8mb
4. 004 Integrated Chinese Series = 1.21gb
5. 005 Chinese Complete Basic Course.7z = 173.4
6. 006 Spoken Chinese 900 words.7z = 195.6mb
7. 007 Practical Chinese Reader Series.7z = 351mb

Download links:
LinkBuck : http://www.linkbucks.com/i1RY

Don’t share them on other website, be careful!

  1. Hi, like you site and thanks for sharing Chinese learning materials, may you please give me.The password for archive 003 Learn Yourself.7z , 7-zip compression program requires


  2. Hi, I cant download 004 integrated chinese series part 7. Can you fix it please…


  3. err…..to someone who knows chinese or has used this, is this better than rosetta? thank u for your upload


  4. heya pal, same prob here. cant seem to dl the 7th part of 004


  5. Im very interested in learning nihongo then I saw this link. Can I use this software in my android? Or for pc use only? Ill gonna dl it this weekend thankyou for this link. Ps. Love this site. And the updates in LN


  6. So is there any specific order to follow these courses? or do I just go from 1 to 7?


  7. hey, i wanted to download the things but the links arent working 😦 could you please re-upload.


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