Hi Readers!

Want to Help me add more novels and lots of goodies, you can choose any:

ka Gh5 patreon name and message

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You can get rewards on Patreon, or order any service from Fiverr.

Paypal service is limited for Mauritius!
So i didn’t add paypal button!

  1. hey there, thing is i am not at all accustomed with the above payment methods since i only ever had used paypal.
    cud u tell me how fiverr works? i did already make an account over there
    so is it like- making a payment over at fiverr is making a payment to u? on that note is that your site pal, after all?


  2. hey there, i made a donation of 5$ by fiverr!! it did not update yet so was wondering whether u already got the sum


    • Hi, Thanks for the tip!
      Fiverr works like a shop system, you buy a service/item and get the item!
      i got the sum, i need to deliver and the order gets completed!
      i will give you my yoga gig, as gift! seeya!


  3. hey, there i donated 5$ by fiverr but it did not get updated, hopefully u got it, right?


  4. I’d like to make a donation for a fully updated download file of tales of daemons and gods


  5. Donated 5$ by fiverr! thanks for the work ๐Ÿ˜€


  6. donated 5 $ by fiverr! thanks for the great work ๐Ÿ˜€


  7. Thanks For Ur Hardwork!!
    Looking Foward For More Translation ๐Ÿ˜€


  8. pal i did not check the site in quite a while but damn man…it looks real cool!!! awesome…cant express more how awesome your epub creations work is appreciated! i mean i only read novels in epub formats and since your work, it has been heaven…thank you sire. sorry pal that i cant donate more for the havoc work u have to do…broke students are a sad existence……thanks pal!! ^^


  9. pal, donated 5$ by fiverr…hopefully u got it? got no reply, so was wondering


  10. i am SLOW. i want to support you. is becoming a patron giving you money?


  11. dude, that was the best question asked in the decade, nice one man ^^


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