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small tiny 10Novels update!

I did a small update of 10 novels, i added them to a mega folder. I will make more later on!!CJZV1RDT!Vc3StYF0fW-WMv6ybPBfgQ

Thanks, seeya!


full wuxia update!


Folder name is “00 WuxiaEpubs 22Aug2016 Full”

A total of 106 novels!

I added some new novels, check them out, thought i mixed them in the folders!
I am uploading these epubs, now at 11:36 pm.

A big sorry for Discord chat buddies, i was more late than i said!
But i managed to make all the epubs!

Here the download link :

Google drive : :

Userscloud :

Thanks, seeya!

new updates part 0-4

I have made updates of part 0-4, which is 44 novels!
I added Murdering Heaven Edge and Terror Infinity, with all chapters!

Folder name is “00 wuxiaEpubs 17Aug2016”

Download Links of
Google drive : :

More will be coming afterward but not today!

I know about the requests for making novels, i am working on them! Thanks for the suggestions on using an app on reddit, but i prefer my software for diversity of options!

Seeya , cheers!



Hi readers! How are you all?

I was busy with my grandma funeral! Last time i did the whole update on my project files, and the next day , i was suppose to do a routine add and release the epubs!
The next day, my grandma died [my father’s mother], so i had to go for family stuff and prayers!
I am the first in grandchildren , that is my father was the first son, so i was to sit in prayers. Sometime i had to help with preparation until 11pm , then next morning, again prayers!

Last time i was online , i release part 1-12 of the epubs, some 100 epubs!
Maybe it went corrupt or mass download have kill the quota to download!

I will check the files and add new ones!
I was making a gig for my fiverr, i am very short on money, so i am selling all my stuff [soft copy] , too many files!

My gig was on making this weeek, a 10gb gig with all to start an online business!
Here a preview!


I will release the new ones on Mega, usercloud and google drive! this way the epubs wont get corrupted easily!

Do you know how long my list is ?  Plus the novels are getting big with time!

I am going to upload my 10gb of fiverr  gig now, and then i will make the epubs updates!

seeya! thanks to the patreon users and buddies on discord and people visiting my blog!


Happy 4th july!

Happy independence day, to you all!

God bless you all readers! Enjoy!