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Tiny Update to the Links

Hey Guys,

Kazeboy here.

As I see lots of people in discord keep asking for a link, here you go :

GDrive link for me and Malu to update novels.

Neji is pretty busy in RL, so not sure when he will post anything.


UPDATE : New Discord Channel

UPDATE 2: Updated the Gdrive URL.


sorry sorry, i been working


Sorry for being missing, i been working on a different shift of 11am till 21pm, now i am on another one for night-shift! Bpo is all work!

this is all messed up! i will come back! i will release the epubs everyday, will plan that and upload them in the folders!

seeya! you can chat with me on discord! anything special , msg me via message box!

this blog , all the comments , i don’t read! sorry but the complains are not my taste to eat!

sorry for discouraging the readers and supporters, but i don’t make a lot of money and the epubs and patreons or fivers, barely meet the month expenses! so i working in Bpo! I am a support technician!

seeya! cheers!

full wuxia update!


Folder name is “00 WuxiaEpubs 22Aug2016 Full”

A total of 106 novels!

I added some new novels, check them out, thought i mixed them in the folders!
I am uploading these epubs, now at 11:36 pm.

A big sorry for Discord chat buddies, i was more late than i said!
But i managed to make all the epubs!

Here the download link :

Google drive : :

Userscloud :

Thanks, seeya!


new updates part 0-4

I have made updates of part 0-4, which is 44 novels!
I added Murdering Heaven Edge and Terror Infinity, with all chapters!

Folder name is “00 wuxiaEpubs 17Aug2016”

Download Links of
Google drive : :

More will be coming afterward but not today!

I know about the requests for making novels, i am working on them! Thanks for the suggestions on using an app on reddit, but i prefer my software for diversity of options!

Seeya , cheers!



Hi readers! How are you all?

I was busy with my grandma funeral! Last time i did the whole update on my project files, and the next day , i was suppose to do a routine add and release the epubs!
The next day, my grandma died [my father’s mother], so i had to go for family stuff and prayers!
I am the first in grandchildren , that is my father was the first son, so i was to sit in prayers. Sometime i had to help with preparation until 11pm , then next morning, again prayers!

Last time i was online , i release part 1-12 of the epubs, some 100 epubs!
Maybe it went corrupt or mass download have kill the quota to download!

I will check the files and add new ones!
I was making a gig for my fiverr, i am very short on money, so i am selling all my stuff [soft copy] , too many files!

My gig was on making this weeek, a 10gb gig with all to start an online business!
Here a preview!


I will release the new ones on Mega, usercloud and google drive! this way the epubs wont get corrupted easily!

Do you know how long my list is ?  Plus the novels are getting big with time!

I am going to upload my 10gb of fiverr  gig now, and then i will make the epubs updates!

seeya! thanks to the patreon users and buddies on discord and people visiting my blog!