Tools used

Hi readers!

Many of you ask for my tools , i used!
They are available easily!

  1. My notes Keeper [ main software] [windows only]
  2. Ck editor [ for formatting some difficult packed text]
  3. JpegMini or [you can use Caesium Portable] [ for compressing images]
  4. Mozilla Thunderbird [ for checking, and easy deletion of emails]
  5. JPEGCrops [ for lossless cutting]
  6. Paint.NET [ for editing, or casual re-touch]
  7. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro [ for converting Pdf to Docx, then import to My notes Keeper] [ when conversion is done, size become double]
  8. SumatraPDFPortable [ for My Notes keeper, as default reader of epubs]
  9. Patience [ status screens and tables, in novels are a pain to add]

That’s it . enjoy, seeya!

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