Intro By Feinzell :


i currently accept any request or recommendation novel either wuxia/chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Time to make epub from scratch for me 30 minutes-2 hours depend how many the chapters. This Week I’m pretty much idle, so throw it as much as you like :p

And After that, i will update once 1-2 weeks and i don’t have release schedule yet but mostly i will update at friday afternoon GMT +7.

Thank You!


Intro By Neji :


Thank you for visiting and reading my blog!

I create this blog to share my collection of translated novels!
I thought that instead of browsing the novel website and reading through each page, so i gathered these chapters and pack in  one epub.
I felt that  as a reader i don’t need all novels, so i created separate epubs!
Gradually i will increase the chapters and add more novels!

Thank you , to all translators, doing translations with passion and most of all enjoying!
God Bless you all!

Some of you might want to know about me:
So i am from Mauritius [GMT +4] and i cannot read chinese.
By chance i got a link on spcnet.tv about wuxia translation, from that i read He-man translation on Stellar Transformation, then i got hook on the other novels of “I EAT Tomatoes”.
I have a tablet, and thought of creating a epub, adding all chapters, gradually it increased!
Then i thought of sharing this epub!
So that’s the story of creating this blog!

Thank you,Seeya!

  1. Hi Neji.

    I am the translator for shengwang. I just wanted to inform you to that if you ahve already downlaoded chapter 32 of sw, could you please take a new version? The earlier version is incorrect.
    If you would like, I could give you the chapters you need in a doc version and you could convert it to epub.



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