Tiny Update to the Links

Hey Guys,

Kazeboy here.

As I see lots of people in discord keep asking for a link, here you go :


GDrive link for me and Malu to update novels.

Neji is pretty busy in RL, so not sure when he will post anything.


UPDATE : New Discord Channel https://discord.gg/7bZJNY6

UPDATE 2: Updated the Gdrive URL.

About kazeboy

I am a web-developer in training , love php and wordpress and anime!

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  1. The update isn’t tiny at all .
    Thanks for the epubs !


  2. Thanks!


  3. Thanks a lot kazeboy and Malu ❤


  4. Aye, anytime guys. Just a sidenote : We are pretty busy, so blog will be rarely updated, so join the discord channel if you want to request or discuss or know about updates.


  5. super thanks to youuuuu!!! you are rock..God Bless you so much :-*


  6. Hi how come I cant open the folders in gdrive? Thanks for the update though.


  7. Thank you so much for the hard work guys.. Its greatly appreciated.. 🙂


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