sorry sorry, i been working


Sorry for being missing, i been working on a different shift of 11am till 21pm, now i am on another one for night-shift! Bpo is all work!

this is all messed up! i will come back! i will release the epubs everyday, will plan that and upload them in the folders!

seeya! you can chat with me on discord! anything special , msg me via message box!

this blog , all the comments , i don’t read! sorry but the complains are not my taste to eat!

sorry for discouraging the readers and supporters, but i don’t make a lot of money and the epubs and patreons or fivers, barely meet the month expenses! so i working in Bpo! I am a support technician!

seeya! cheers!


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  1. devilsadvocate6

    hey no deal mate, stay well and return soon! will keep waiting for your wonderful epub works


  2. Glad to hear from you 😀


  3. Lordlobster1ofg

    Take your time man, hope everything goes well.


  4. Knowing that you are still doing this for us, we’re really thankful. Do it at your own pace, just keep us posted as always.


  5. Glad to see you re ok, thank you for your excellent work and take your time (life is more important than waiting 1 month some epubs). Have a good day.


  6. Neiji if you don’t mind can you add this novel also?
    Emperor Domination


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