updated google drive links

Hi readers!

I have updated the google drive links in page “Download Links”.
These are linkbucks with safe Tag, so use them to access.

Old google links, are not working anymore, i change all the folders tree.
I am doing some changes in these folders, so refresh if the folder is stuck!

the userclouds links are all working.

Thanks, seeya!

I added Complete Stellar Transformation in the Google Drive link for Wuxia!
I added some images of the characters, derive from the game.

This was not added to the Userscloud folder.
Here the link :


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  1. Neji, your linkbucks isnt working.i’d appreciate it if you can give me the direct link to google Drive.for all your work thanks


  2. Link not working. keep getting “error obtaining link to destination web page”.
    Link not connecting to google drive. Please help


  3. Link not working. Keep getting “error obtaining link to destination web page”. Please help


  4. link above is not working. Everytime I click after ad it says “error obtaining link to destination web page”. http://www.linkbucks.com/2khm


  5. Hi! I can see the Google Drive page, but I don’t see a general Ongoing folder, only the one for IET. I would like to get the latest Cult of the Sacred Runes, please! Thanks for all your help! BTW, your Usercloud has a newer file than I do, but I can’t download it due to redirecting ads. Thanks!


  6. the problem with linkbucks is that…. whenever i open it and wait for 5 seconds and press the continue to page button…. a pop up always shows that i need to watch an ad to go to the next page…

    wtf…. i dont even have adblock and there aint an ad showing…. so i can never continue to the next page…

    my advise… switch to adfly


  7. José Sánchez

    The site you use “linkbucks” doesn’t work. I don’t have adblock enabled and my antivirus also tells me that it’s blocking attacks from this site. Plus, the counter from the page stays at 0.


    • hi, i never get the problem you have! send me your email via message box, i will send you a link!

      i am using chrome and firefox, and avast antivirus couple with comodo firewall , all together with a network firewall! all linkbuck workings!


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