the rest of the updates!

Greetings readers!
I added the rest , 15 novels!
I still got more novels to update!

For my sponsors, you get the direct google drive link! Thanks to you, sponsors!
if you patreon me, even for $1, you get google drive links!

I did not made userscloud links this time, i will add them wednesday!
i used up my data plan, so wednesday, it will reset!

The linkbucks link, to google drive :

use folder inside the Google drive , these are today updates. : “31 May 2016 updates – the rest”

Thanks , seeya!

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  1. Thank you as always for your hard work 🙂


  2. thank you 🙂 can you please do Shura’s Wrath and Heavenly Star by Mars Gravity.


  3. oh lol never mind, shura’s wrath is here 😀 Heavenly Star only please 😉


  4. Could you make an epub of Terror Infinity? Thanks in advance.


  5. Yes! Thank you very much and I have a little favor, please put the peerless martial God in the Google drive.


  6. gan kalau donasi lewat transfer bank bisa?


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