new updates

Greetings readers!
Thanks for the well-wishers!
I made some updates about some 80 novels!

Tomorrow, i will be adding,the rest of the updates on slow upload!
and the updates of these i made today!

For my sponsors, you get the direct google drive link!
if you patreon me, even for $1, you get google drive links!

I did not made userscloud links this time, i will add them wednesday!
i used up my data plan, so wednesday, it will reset!

The linkbucks link, to google drive :

Thanks , seeya!

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  1. I love your stuff, and I know this has nothing to do with Linkbucks, but can you please link the google drive aswell? My Anti-Virus blocks the countdown timer on linkbucks, and no matter what I do I can’t find out how to fix it. Btw, I’ve also tried with a different browser and there was no difference


  2. Thank you for your hard work ❤


  3. thanks, pls. tell me how to donate to you. paypal is ok for me.

    Neji removed this email, to prevent spam!


  4. thank you so much, internet on my phone is very slow, so instead I download your epubs and read those. I really appreciate the dedication and work you put forth updating your novels 🙂


  5. Is it possible to request novels to be added on your list? There are some good and popular novels that people will surely like to be made into epubs. I’m not forcing you or anything since we’re already very grateful, just an inquiry. Thanks


  6. Today is my first donation to you. I hope to support your hard work for long time.


  7. I’m also having troubles with Linkbucks. Can you also send me the link to the google drive please?


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