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Hi readers!
I am late on updates, this week for sure!

I was writing a novel :

Different World Reincarnation God Cheat Harem
Kotonaru sekai tensei Kami chītohāremu

Author : ニケシュ – Nikeshu

Synopsis :
Story about a Japanese high-school boy, who died before his class was summoned to another world
The gods like him, so they made him a fellow god and sent into the summoned class.
He was tasked to work as rescuer , and save the gods devotees.
Because otherworldly people had introduce their Holy church, the actual god of the world was in decline and their devotees were regarded as heretics.
Along the path, he picks up people, especially women’s and start his own empire and private harem.

Link :

Thanks, seeya!

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  1. I’ve read the synopsis and it sounds awesome and funny 😀


  2. Thanks, I have added 3 chapter, each around 2000 words. Check it!


  3. Um..its unrelated but can i request an epub of blue phoenix.thankyou


  4. mind to add this novel on the next update?


  5. devilsadvocate6

    ohh that is badass naming title!! gonna check this out!


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