Linkbucks troubles and solutions

Hi readers!
The linkbucks links are working fine.
The problem comes with the adblock with your browser (PC), or with the internal adblocker in the browser of the tablet or phone.
Use opera browser for tablet or turn off the adblockers!

I been lazy, I will try to get the epubs done, don’t wait for me, once it’s done, if you are subscribed, you will get the email notifications.

I got the request for the epubs! I will make them! Cheers!

P.s :
this post was written from my tablet.
It’s pretty good to write.
The bad thing is , I can’t reply to my blog comments.

Thanks, seeya!

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  1. lololomolomo

    no, i’m not going to disable adblock because i don’t trust linkbucks


  2. I agree man, don’t disable adblock , then use the userscloud links! Thank you!


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