Sharing a novel, made by Pomme

i received an epub made by Pomme!
the quality is super top!

Here his message :
Hi, thanks for your great work.
As I do the same as you (meaning I make epub so I can read on my ebook), I have enjoyed a lot your work.
I have made an epub of A lonesome fragrance waiting to be appreciated, it’s not to bad (although the way you handle epub’s functionality is a lot better than mine.)
Since you don’t have it yet, maybe you’d like it ?
I hope it works…
Do tell me if it doesn’t, first time uploading something on google drive.

Please , send some comments for buddy Pomme!
Thank you, seeya!

A small note :
yesterday and today , i have not made any novels updates, i been busy with stuff!

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  1. Category: Drama, Historical, Josei, Romance, Smut, Tragedy?
    It surely sounds promising, thanks for sharing!


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