Learning Chinese (complete course)

Hi Readers!

As i read so many novels, i felt of learning chinese, so i got some books and software!
You can also use them, and read chinese fast!

I use 001 and 002 for learning with my collins dictionary book [hardcopy] and book for beginner by cheng ma book [hardcopy]!

the 001 is interactive  pronouciation, and work on windows only. [female voice]
the 002 contain textbook for learning [no audio]
the 003 – 005 + 007 is a complete course. [with audio]
the 004 is a complete course with level 1&2. [with audio ]
the 006 contain a dictionary about 900 chinese words . [with audio]

Files content:
1. 001 Chinese Pronunciation Software.7z = 505.9mb
2. 002 Beginner TextBooks.7z = 170.9mb
3. 003 Learn Yourself.7z = 170.8mb
4. 004 Integrated Chinese Series = 1.21gb
5. 005 Chinese Complete Basic Course.7z = 173.4
6. 006 Spoken Chinese 900 words.7z = 195.6mb
7. 007 Practical Chinese Reader Series.7z = 351mb

Download links:

Don’t share them on other website, be careful!

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